Mechanical Contracting

a) Corporate Resources: Expertise

Nekison Engineering & Contractors has engaged in many energy and green building oriented projects and is a pioneer in handling various challenging projects as outlined below:

1. 23 ton Solar Air Conditioning

2. Free Cooling System, for the city of Toronto

3. Ground Source Heat Pump System, 168,000 sq. ft. (i.e. City Hall 

    Geothermal System)

4. Heat Recovery Chiller System for Heating & Conditioning, 178,000 sq. ft.

5. Ice storage system for HVAC at Ontario Hydro Headquarters,

    120,000 sq. ft.

6. Ice Thermal Storage System at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, 140,000 sq .ft.

7. Holly Community Centre (4 pad arenas and swimming pool)

8. Brampton South Fletcher (4 pad arenas and community centre)

9. Bracebridge Recreation Centre (high school, theatre and recreation centre)

10. Pickering Recreation Centre (ice hockey arena)

11. Brampton Sandalwood Yard Transit Facility (102 buses storage and 

      maintenance facility)

Our Company is registered with the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

b) Corporate Philosophy

Our Company believes in and always judges an installation from the userís point of view.

Our relationship with the building maintenance staff after installation is therefore excellent. We believe in having minimal warranty calls

c) Financial Performance

Our financial performance is very strong; we have been performing very well and our financial statements can be forwarder upon request. The credit limit with our bankers (Bank of Nova Scotia) is 1 million.

Our Bonding limit for a single job is 10 million dollars and can vary depending upon the project with an accumulated total of 30 to 40 million dollars.

d) Selection/Management of Sub-Contractors

We manage our Sub-Contractors on the basis of quality of work and help in providing engineering help to resolve various technical issues. We promote that all Sub-Contractors should take care of deficient work and quality control sincerely.

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e) Safety/Chemical Training

Nekisonís safety policy and workerís compensation injury report can be forwarded upon request. We hold weekly safety meetings discussing various topics including all WHMIS instructors for handling chemicals on the job site.

f) Controls (Billing/Cost Control)

A complete cost break down of each project is submitted to a consultant on the 25th of each month for approval. We also make use of a cost control system at our head office to monitor and keep proper control of each purchase order and labour cost.

g) Waste Disposal

Various garbage removal companies are designated to remove all garbage from our job sites. Our helpers spend Ĺ hour each day to clean the job site to reduce accumulation and minimize the risks of accidents.

g) Credentials

Nekison Engineering & Contractors is capable of handling a project of this nature and we are enclosing our credentials for your referral (CCDC II document)

i) Organisation Management Structure


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