Mechanical Contracting

Nekison Engineering & Contractors is continuously training our staff in modern engineering installation methods including various manufacturersí training courses as required.

Our foremen are not only expert steam fitters and plumbers but their expertise also includes HVAC Systems and Controls. The supervisory staff at Nekison is highly trained using the latest methods in HVAC system installation including HVAC controls, refrigeration and electrical installations.

a) Training

Our staff takes up date seminars and short courses with equipment manufacturers along with on the job training by the manufacturers.

The continuous updating of or staff with the various requirements of consulting engineers keeps them in line with modern technology.

We have training and certification with Geothermal Society of Ontario, C.A.S.A. and Green Building Institution.

b) Staffing

Most of the staff works in the field installations. They are supported by general superintendent Mr. Fred Jensen and also receive engineering support by Mr. Steve Bishara, P.Eng. and Mr. Ramesh Jain, the president of the company.

c) Skills

The installation and supervisory staff have the skills of steam fitters, plumbers,

refrigeration mechanics and control technicians.

We also have electricians who rectify small electrical problems at site. We also employ 2 technicians to handle general civil work on various projects.

d) Turnover

Nekison has a very good record of completing undertaken projects within the specified time frame.

In general, Nekison Engineering & Contractors maintain a healthy relationship between managerial, supervisory staff and staff. A well trained long term team allows us to complete projects on time and with complete client satisfaction.

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