A Nekison Design Build project means a single source of responsibility with the design and construction of the project managed exclusively by Nekison.

There are some obvious and immediate benefits to a design build project, notably that construction can proceed before the the entire design is complete resulting in faster project delivery. As there is a single point of responsibility bureaucratic involvement is often reduced. Less red tape usually implies faster project delivery and less frustration for the design build team. A single point of responsibility means the design build team is highly motivated and will resolve issues and develop solutions before they impact construction schedules and budget.

In our eyes for a design build project to succeed, a strong bond must be established between the contractor and the client. Many companies claim to offer design build solutions but few have the team leaders and the personalities needed to ensure the customer's requirements are completely satisfied. Nekison Engineering has over 25 years of experience providing design build solutions. Our construction projects are major and many are well known landmarks that make up the corporate and public infrastructure of Southern Ontario. Before you commit to a design build project, contact us to learn more about our design build advantages.


Design Build Chart

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