Over the last 25 years, Nekison Engineering & Contractors Ltd. has come to appreciate and excel in the various aspects of mechanical contracting. From the installation of complex medical piping systems for a multi-story hospital, to the air exchange services associated with a community recreational centre, Nekison has quickly adapted to newer technologies and trends. Rather than lag behind our competition, Nekison continually seeks to explore new avenues of construction with less impact on our environment. We recently introduced Geo Thermal systems to our construction practices and consider ourselves at the forefront in the industry with respect to Energy Control Systems. In preparation for a world faced with the challenges of global warming, Nekison is taking initiatives to improve insulation practices and reduce green house gas emissions. For the next 25 years, Nekison is committed to explore "green" mechanical contracting practices that produce less waste and increases overall building efficiencies. As new solutions arise, we will incorporate these construction practices into our designs and produce environmentally-friendly buildings that will make our customers proud.

Should your company wish to promote a greener, healthier world for our children and our children's children, we strongly urge you to contact us and discuss ways in which your company can benefit from Nekison's green construction initiatives.

From simple measures such as introducing oxygen producing trees and plants into an office to capital landscaping investments that surround buildings with green space and parklands, from reducing harmful building emissions to exploring alternative energies, Nekison is committed to improving the quality of our environment.

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