Tenants and Property Owners faced with remodeling / renovating / retrofitting existing commercial, industrial, office or retail space to accommodate new mechanical systems including ventilation, heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, fire and sprinkler systems have a difficult task: who to award a multi-million contract to? Fortunately, Nekison Engineering & Contractors Ltd. is committed to providing the level of construction expertise, value and commitment that exceeds the service provided by our competition. Our collective team is dedicated to addressing your operational space and business requirements. We will inspect, preparing design concepts, ensure building code compliance and produce final construction documents. During the pre-construction phase, we will coordinate and execute drawings, provide budgeting with engineering alternatives, include material recommendations and construction methods. We will pre-qualify and secure subcontractors, establish spending priorities and set construction schedules. As required, we will adjust project budget as major decisions or unforeseen circumstances are qualified.

Communication is the key to our success and we pride ourselves in offering both formal and informal methods of correspondence with clients. This is especially important because even with the most thoroughly prepared plans, requirements for renovation and retrofitting a hospital, school, community centre or any public accessible space, for example, can change based upon public events and political pressures. Our flexible approach ensures we not only serve our clients as a major mechanical contractor, but we can address all forms of tenant renovations - even the unexpected.

Our experience of the industry and dedicated team are confident that we can address the ever changing requirements of property managers, consultants, engineers, architects and facility managers. Whether you are renovating a 35,000 sq. ft. office building or the emergency ward of a bustling downtown hospital, Nekison has the knowledge and understanding to complete the job according to your complete satisfaction.

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