What's New

Jul 26/07: New construction and renovation projects...

Community Centres and Recreational Facilities
Holly Community Centre
Richmond Hill Theatre

Bracebridge Secondary School and Recreation Centre
Churchill Meadows Middle School
Clarington Secondary School
Father Francis McSpirit Catholic Elementary School
Iona Catholic Secondary School
John Cabot Secondary School
Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School
Parkridge Elementary School
Richmond Green Joint Use Project
Springdale West Public School
Stouville District Secondary School

Jul 17/07: FTP Site under construction

Nekison is developing a secure FTP Site for suppliers to upload / download architectual drawings and specifications.

May 23/07: Nekison website www.nekison.com launched

Early in May 2007, Nekison started discussions with Mississauga-based graphic design firm 17 Designs to develop Nekison's website. After a careful analysis of design trends and industry colour schemes, 17 Designs recommendation was to steer away from silvers, blacks and reds - traditional colours of the construction industry - and explore layouts that embodied Nekison's "hip" and trend-setting nature. The final design is meant to endorse Nekison's sophistication and upscale approach to construction. It also reflects Nekison's diversity and broad client appeal. Look to Nekison to expand their website in the coming months by adding newly completed sites to their portfolio.

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